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Decarbonising Logistics: The Scale of the Challenge Ahead
Date :2015-06-19Click :

Decarbonising Logistics: The Scale of the Challenge Ahead

Professor Alan McKinnon

(University of London, UK, PhD; University of British Columbia, Canada, Msc; University of Aberdeen, UK, BS)

Time :14:00 pm, May 20th ,2015  

Place:  Conference room 606, Academic Hall, CUFE

Introduction of the speaker:

Prof.Mckinnon is a  world-renown professor of logistics and supply chain management.  In 2010,he was appointed chairman of the World Economic Forums industry council on logistics and supply chain management. He has also advised several parliamentary committees and government departments in the UK ,EU and international organizations such as OECD,International Energy Agency and  International Transport Forum ,  as well as the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change and the World Bank. Since 2014, Prof.McKinnon has been appointed chairman of advisory group of  Eu's Horizon 2020 Program on Logistics .

In 2003, Prof.McKinnon, as a royal member, received the highest distinction of the UK Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, the Sir Robert Lawrence award, for his long track record in logistics research and education. In 2012, Prof. Mckinnon won DB Schenker Prize, the prize of Doctoral tutor prize, for his contribution to the Europe's best doctoral dissertation.

Professor Alan McKinnon joined KLU in January 2012. He is now the head of Logistics Department in the college.

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