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Business School held a seminar on Supply Chain and Operation Management and International Academic Conference experience sharing
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June 4, 2018, the Business School held a seminar on supply chain and operation management overseas academic conference experience sharing at Building 7, Shahe campus. The seminar was initiated by students and Professor Geng Yong, director of Supply Chain and Operations Management Department, Business School was invited as a special guest.



The main topic of the seminar is experience sharing by Master student Huang Wenyi from Business School. She shared her ideas and understandings during participation in 2018 Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) annual conference. Students who came and joined in the seminar were mainly currently studying in Supply chain and Operation Management Department, and are also enthusiastic in academic research and participating international academic conference.


By listening academic report of scholars from different counties and their discussions with the audience, students participating the conference learned a lot of advanced research contents and research methods. The perspective of different scholars on the problem can also provide a lot of inspiration and direction for research in the later stage. The conference organizers not only provide knowledge-sharing platform and academic social venues, but also provide participants with the opportunity to understand various cultures. So it is very fortunate and rewarding for graduate students to be able to participate in such an international academic conference.


After experience sharing, Professor Geng and the participants had a throughout discussion. Professor Geng encouraged graduate students to actively participate in international academic activities to improve the forward-looking of academic research.  



Differeciation and Internationalization are the two major development strategies of CUFE Business School. This experience sharing seminar is conducive to increasing the enthusiasm of students to participate in international academic communication activities. The exchange of forward-looking research ideas in the Conference, the preparation works for international conference and the sharing of experience will stimulate the enthusiasm of students in Business School to participate in high-level international academic activities. The seminal is also benefit to improve the quality of talents education of Business School.  




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