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Yuxi Li: Days in Howard
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Howard University, the best University for black people in the US, was founded in 1867, for the purpose of helping African American to receive same level of higher education that the whites received. Even until recently, they still have more than 80 percent students that are black people.

When I first arrived there, the most frequent question that came to my mind was “Wow, how can there be so many black people?” “Can I get along with them well?” Time passed since I found out that all the questions I had been held for doubt was totally no problem. They are all very good students who are pretty hardworking in and after class. In life, they are good people that are friendly and always willing to help. They are funny guys who make jokes all the time. They are crazy about music and parties. They treat you as a friend as soon as you come into their life; they are greeting you morning and evening even though they don’t know who you are at all. They are very curious, only because that I am from China they have enough questions to ask for a whole night.

It did take me some time to get used to American style of studying and life, but time flies when all the stuff are on track. I confidently chose 4 classes before the semester started. However, I immediately regretted on my decision after I got my syllabus. I was frightened by the amount of workload I have to do to complete in a semester, it contains 4 exams, 4 quiz and 12 homework assignment to be finished regarding one course, which means that a unpredictable quiz and a standardized test for each month and I have to hand in a homework assignment every week. That’s only for a single course I picked, not to mention that I picked four of them. And that’s the reason why I spent most of my time in the library for the whole semester.

The teaching methods the professors used in class are also massively different as well. Firstly, students use electronic devices a lot to help their studying, even professors use them to teach. There is a website called Blackboard that professors use to cope with everyone’s studying progress, most homework and feedbacks are send through it. Moreover, professors assigned far more materials for us to read and to do research in library than Chinese professors do. Two weeks getting over of a whole book is not a joke. Last but not least, there were lots of activities and group projects to do to make the class more interesting.

For the personal entertainment after class, the thing that impressed me most is that the friends I made and the time I spent with them. I am not a home-staying bird. I would like to hang out with friends as long as I have time, to be more specific, the local friends. I went to one of my friend’s birthday party, and it was amazing. I also gave a first try to play baseball with them, I really appreciated that they taught me a lot. We even went out for movies, ate at fancy restaurant in downtown. There were so many beautiful memories we had together. It was such a pity that I do not selfie a lot; otherwise we would have more photos.

4 months is too short for such a wonderful memory. I hope that it could be longer if possible. To sum up, this opportunity is really worthwhile and would serve as an unforgettable and precious experience in my whole life.

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