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Larry Li:New Arrival to EDHEC in Nice
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Studying and life 

This is EDHEC in Nice, near the beautiful beach.

As an exchange student who has been here for more than a week, I felt that the exchange program really brings another experience.

As for the study, one of the differences between Chinese universities and foreign universities is that courses in China are overwhelming every day, but foreign universities will leave more time to students to complete the homework, extracurricular research and make their own plans. In terms of the examination, the foreign university will usually have a lot of small tests, and there is no formal final exam to determine the results of the course. For example, the International Economics I have chosen contains four small exams, two presentations, two written reports and a debate; each project scores are almost equal. The purpose is to spread the pressure to the daily time in the daily routine instead of performing the attack before final exam.

I have registered very few courses this semester, as there will be more time to improve skills in data analysis and to perfect the analysis report. Also, more time will be left for me to learn on Coursera and for me to get into something I really want to improve.

An early bird can see the school landscape

Things I do when you are asleep (the jet lag)


Another experience exchange programme bring me is preparing my own food in the dormitory, where there is no Meituan. It is not easy to a French restaurant attracting you nearby. And there is a lot of greasy food. In terms of price, the price of a meal with cooked rice can equal three large piece of steak. Nutrition is also an important factor to consider. That’s why I decided to cook on my own.

When you cook on your own

The dormitory is about 30 minutes away from the school, and that afternoon I took an hour to arrive in school only because there was no place for me to park, and then I drove further to find a place for this Vélo Bleu, and then walked back to school. I lost my mood. I missed the MOBIKE and DIDI days in Beijing. 

When you need a shared bike

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